Did you know that there are an estimated 8 million women who suffer from hair loss in the UK alone. A lot of these women do not want to go through surgery or they may not feel confident wearing a wig which can also feel very uncomfortable and look unnatural. 

There are a variety of illnesses or treatments that can cause hair loss or hair thinning and here are but a few:

Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Female Pattern Baldness, Trichotillomania or Hair Thinning or Menopause.

Of course there a many more reasons both medical and hereditary. So never feel alone or never feel there isn’t a solution because thanks to Hair Extensions and Replacement Systems Maidstone we are able to offer you this solution.

Unlike wearing a wig, with our unique solutions listed below, you’re able to run your fingers through your hair, swish it around and let it blow in the wind! It actually feels like your own hair and what is more you can do all the things you love such as working out at the gym, swimming and whatever your heart desires because you will forget about your hair and start enjoying your life. We really believe that our bespoke hair enhancement systems are the BEST and we have worked extremely hard because our ultimate goal was to produce a system that not only achieves a natural and luscious look but also we want you to look in the mirror and see how beautiful you look and empower you and fulfil you with the confidence you deserve. That is what we are so passionate about.

So you see it’s that simple! We can change your life in a few hours. Don’t feel you have to hide away or cancel dates or limit your life. We do understand that this can really have an impact on your mental health and your confidence. So if your hair just doesn’t seem to grow or is thinning or patchy we can help.

Both our Hair Loss Mesh Integration System and our Innovative Creative Mesh Free Hair Loss Replacement System are so natural they are able to disguise any bald patches, hair loss or thinning. You will be truly delighted and amazed. We are even able to offer this to you if you have up to 70% hair loss. How amazing is that? We are proud and excited to be the first Company in Maidstone to be offering this service.


  • So tell me why is the Mesh Integration Hair Replacement System and the Innovative Creative Mesh Free Hair Loss Replacement System the best solutions for hair loss?

Did you know that according to a fact sheet published by the Wimpole Clinic, on average, the human head can shed up to 150 plus hairs every day, but don’t worry as this is perfectly normal in the hair growth cycle. We will always shed some hairs throughout the years, there is no escaping this, but there are multiple conditions that cause hair loss such as Alopecia Areata, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Telogen Effluvium, Post-Partum Shedding and Thyroid Disease are just some of the many conditions which result in loss and thinning of the hair. Some individuals may experience partial or severe hair loss as a result of undergoing treatments such as Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

It will be a gradual loss or even a rapid loss which can be so distressing and worrying, making you feel very low and alone. But you are not alone because Hair Extensions and Replacement Systems Maidstone are here to bring back your hair and your confidence. We will provide you with a tailor made and bespoke system which will be so natural and undetectable.

What Are The Benefits of A Hair Loss System?

Here at Hair Extensions and Replacement Systems Maidstone, we are obsessed with making our clients happy. If you are happy then we are even happier! We are so proud to provide our clients with the opportunity to embrace the revolutionary life-changing mesh integration system and our even newer and unique solution which has evolved through stringent research and experience, the Innovative Creative Mesh Free Hair Loss Replacement System to disguise their hair loss and thinning. These systems have massive benefits as listed below:

  • Custom made systems.
  • An immediate full head of hair.
  • Continue with your normal everyday routine.
  • Undetectable and sustainable.
  • Long lasting.

Our Systems Are Custom Made

Before going ahead with a Hair Loss System with Hair Extensions and Replacement Systems Maidstone, a consultation will be scheduled to discuss your individual requirements and concerns in depth. Any questions you have will be answered.
It is important to check you are suitable for our systems so that we can tailor make the system just for you. We will also discuss your medical history and talk to you about how the system will work. We will discuss your preferred colour, length and thickness and because we strive to achieve the most natural results we will colour match the hair used in your system to that of your natural shade but of course if you would like a change of colour then this is not a problem. The ultimate goal for your hair Replacement System is to boost your confidence and make you feel a million dollars; helping your feel yourself again, so we are always eager to tailor the final result to your needs. We want you to love your new hair!

Change your life in a matter of hours with an Immediate Head Of Hair

You don’t have to wait months unlike when opting for a hair transplant or treatments such as light therapy and PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Our most amazing revolutionary systems allows for you to be absolutely guaranteed a full head of thick, voluminous locks within hours. After your initial consultation, we will book your fitting appointment, which will give plenty of time for the entire system to be fitted in one sitting. So in as little as a few hours you will have the finished look – who said you couldn’t get the hair of your dreams overnight?

Undetectable and Sustainable

Unlike a wig you do not need to worry about a gust of wind blowing too strong. Gone are those days! The Hair Loss Replacement Systems we use are designed to replicate and mould to your scalp, fitting nice and snug and comfortably and giving such security, meaning that both the special foundation material and extensions will not be visible to the naked eye.
When fitting the system, the mesh or mesh free material is perfectly shaped to fit your scalp. This means you can go ahead and style your hair in any way you wish.

Innovative Creative Mesh Free Hair Loss Replacement System

The “Innovative Creative Mesh Free Hair Loss Replacement System” uses no mesh, is hand crafted and tailored to each individual client with their specific needs and hair loss.
It uses a technique that causes no stress or damage to the natural hair, created using commercial experience and structural engineering. The materials used are breathable and extremely comfortable for the client. Being hypoallergenic means little to no bacteria build up and unsightly cradle cap between Maintenance.

So whether the problem is alopecia, trichotillomania, female pattern hair loss or any other form of hair loss, the results will be flawless and the hairline in particular, will be super natural.

The method boasts in a nut shell:

  • Channelling base.
  • No matting.
  • No shaving of natural hair needed.
  • No tension or pulling.
  • No cradle cap.
  • Incomparable for comfort.
  • Hygienic.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Safe on natural hair and amazing on all types of hair loss but not exclusive to.
  • Better retention.
  • Improved Foundation.

This technique is not only useful for people suffering with hair loss but is so versatile and adaptable to almost all situations in which a woman wants to change her hair entirely. Short hair to long, change hair colour without chemical damage, rescuing the hair from a bad hair cut and so forth.

Continue with your normal everyday routine

Our systems are remarkable in the respect that you can forget about it and just get on with your ordinary and everyday life. Due to the breathable material used, you’ll also be able to work out as normal, including going to the gym and swimming with your system fitted. It is obviously better to look after your hair more when swimming as with any extensions and aftercare it would be best not to get the hair totally wet and always apply a deep conditioning treatment as chlorine can damage even natural hair. So just take care to keep your beautiful locks wells nourished.

Results are long lasting

With our recommendations and free aftercare booklet your Hair Replacement Integration System can last as long as 1-2 years. We will always ensure that you have a maintenance appointment scheduled every six to eight weeks. We would then tighten the system and make sure that the foundation material used remains secure and the hair extensions are in immaculate condition and maintain the lengths and volume etc.

On a confidence boosting mission!

We are absolutely obsessed and passionate about our systems and helping women gain their confidence! We are on a mission to help every client feel beautiful by providing them with the hair of their dreams, so if you are interested in discussing your options for the Mesh Integration Hair Replacement System or the Innovative Creative Mesh Free Hair Loss Replacement System then we’re here to help. Ring today for your free, no obligation consultation!